A look at what European schools have on their plates

How sustainable and healthy are school meals in Europe? The European project SchoolFood4Change, in which we are a partner, decided to draw a clearer picture of current food systems in European schools with the aim of bringing sustainable and healthy diets back on school menus. The mapping study, conducted by the Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Center (SEI Tallinn) in Estonia, analyzes school food systems in 12 EU member states.

Public canteen stories: a Buy Better Food campaign online contest rewards those who publish them

The online contest dedicated to food in public canteens launched by Buy Better Food Campaign on UN Public Service Day is still ongoing. The goal of the story contest on food and mass catering is to highlight the importance of a good canteen and the role of sustainable public procurement in providing it. By collecting stories in #canteenfood, the contest’s official hashtag, it aims to raise awareness and demonstrate that procurement has an impact on people’s lives. People can enter the contest until Monday, Oct. 16, 2023.

Manifesto for establishing minimum standards for public canteens across the EU

The Sustainable Food Procurement manifesto calls for a minimum standard for public canteens across the EU as part of implementing the Farm to Fork strategy. It contains precise targets, procurement tender criteria, verification and enablers for seven actionable target areas which go beyond ‘green’ (or environmentally friendly) public procurement.