We collaborate
with Public Administrations
and Enterprises

To improve their environmental and social quality
and to promote the ecological transition

We orient
towards sustainability

Strategies, activities, people with a transformative
and multi-stakeholder approach

in Green Public

We support the green procurement
and organize the Forum Compraverde Buygreen,
the international yearly event dedicated to GPP


To improve the environmental and social quality of the economy and the territory with good practices, actions and solutions for sustainable development. We are constantly looking for innovative processes and models to support the ecological transition.


The ecological transition requires the change of all the relevant actors involved. We propose a multistakeholder and participating approach to orient the ways of consumption and production towards sustainability.


For the environmental and social sustainability, innovation and the quality of the proposal, we adopt policies, instruments and actions for the environment and quality of life. We practice change firsthand because “understanding is change”.

Our activities

GPP – Sustainable and circular procurement

CSR, stakeholder engagement, reporting and communication

Sustainable production and finance

Spatial planning and local development

Capacity building and training for sustainability

Forum Compraverde Buygreen