Monitoring of Green Public Procurement
in support of the ecological transition

The numbers of the Green Public Procurement

Report produced by Osservatorio Appalti Verdi set up by Legambiente and Fondazione Ecosistemi for the dissemination and correct application of current regulations on Green Public Procurement, in Italy and in Europe.

Sustainability Monitor Report

Report on the sustainability of supply chains produced by Fondazione Ecosistemi together with the Buygreen Community, a network of public companies with the aim of promoting Green Procurement and the Green Value Chain.

Vademecum DNSH

Operational indications for the application of the Do No Significant Harm principle (DNSH) to the environment in PNRR public projects.

Worksheet 1
Construction and shipbuilding sector.


Biolubricants: characteristics, benefits, perspectives

The first dossier on biolubricants with the numbers of the potential market, the environmental and social benefits, the prospects related to Green Public Procurement, the technical characteristics that recommend their adoption. Report produced by the Biolubricants Observatory for the Decarbonisation of the Economy set up by NextChem in collaboration with Fondazione Ecosistemi.