Public canteen stories: a Buy Better Food campaign online contest rewards those who publish them

4 September 2023

The online contest dedicated to food in public canteens launched by Buy Better Food Campaign on UN Public Service Day is still ongoing. The goal of the story contest on food and mass catering is to highlight the importance of a good canteen and the role of sustainable public procurement in providing it. By collecting stories in #canteenfood, the contest’s official hashtag, it aims to raise awareness and demonstrate that procurement has an impact on people’s lives. People can enter the contest until Monday, Oct. 16, 2023.

How to participate

To participate:

  1. publish a post/story on Instagram or LinkedIn
  2. tag @buybetterfood and add the hashtag #canteenfood
  3. use whatever format you prefer (text, video, image) to tell your positive story
  4. the contribution must be in English


What to publish?

Almost everyone has eaten or eats regularly or at least once in a public cafeteria  so everyone can tell a story about it. A personal memory, an anecdote, a specific dish enjoyed at school or a meal while recovering in the hospital. Or a story about the cafeteria staff with whom one has the habit or opportunity to chat.

BioStadt Bremen in the role of the contest jury will evaluate all stories (that meet the conditions of participation) and select 3 winners based on authenticity, creativity (the use of visual elements such as pictures, emoji, catchy text or anything else that makes the post more creative than usual) and positivity (the message is positive even though the story might not be, it criticizes the system but not individuals, it triggers reflection rather than anger or sadness).


The prize

Three winners will receive a prize worth up to 250 euros each. Winners will not receive actual money, but Buy Better Food will pay them one of the following options: vegetarian/vegan cooking course, sustainable food course, or food voucher. Alternatively, the winner can donate the sum of 250 euros to one of the following nonprofit organizations: Azione contro la fame, FIAN International, Save the Children, or World Food Program (School Cafeteria Program).


Terms and conditions of participation
  • Only individuals in personal capacity (not in professional capacity) will be considered; no organizations or companies may participate.
  • The competition is held globally; applicants may participate from anywhere;
  • Non-discriminatory language is a must;
  • The language of participation is English to facilitate evaluation, but perfect grammar will not be a selection criterion;
  • Each person may enter the contest only once on the social media platform (LinkedIn or Instagram) of their choice.
  • ICLEI Europe, as the organizer of the contest, reserves the right to publish #canteenfood stories submitted anonymously on Buy Better Food channels (website, etc.).


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