economia circolare

RE-Plan City Life

Re-Plan City Life project (RElevant Audience Plan Leading to Awareness Network for CIrcular Economy Use of Recycled TYre materials in city LIFE) aims to raise awareness about the Circular Economy opportunities for Materials, Products and applications obtained from tyre recycling to adopt environmentally friendly behavior and practice in urban communities.

The Green Procurement Observatory

Fondazione Ecosistemi and Legambiente Foundation have established the Green Procurement Observatory with the aim of monitoring the activity of the public administration on the theme of Green Public Procurement and Minimum Environmental Criteria. Italy 2018-2019.

Circular Economy Sustaining Tools (CEST)

As part of the Social Challenges Innovation Platform project, Fondazione Ecosistemi together with the ISNET Association has responded to the “New life to products” challenge launched by the Habitat for Humanity Poland Foundation. Italy – Abroad 2018-2019.