(e)mission (im)possible

(e)mission (im)possible is a project that aims to build climate leadership in development cooperation organisations through the promotion and strengthening of competencies that make it possible to transform their actions and projects into “zero emission” projects.

During the project will be produced the following outputs:

  • A MOOC that will support the acquisition of key competences by international cooperation professionals to promote a change in their professional practice that facilitates carbon reduction in the sector;
  • The “advanced skills for climate neutrality” training project, based on a co-designed methodology for the development of carbon-free skills and actions among international cooperation staff. This methodology will use carbon footprint calculators, adapting them to the specific field of development cooperation;
  • Guidelines for the replication of the methodology.

(e)mission (im)possible is a project co-funded by the European programme ERASMUS KA2 Strategic partnership – Development of innovation, promoted by an international partnership led by A Sud – Ecologia e Cooperazione (Italy) with Un Ponte (Italy), Fondazione Ecosistemi (Italy), Iroko (Spain), Bosque y Comunidad (Spain), University of Cadiz (Spain), Aidglobal (Portugal) as partners.


  • To create an open training pathway for staff of development cooperation organisations to promote key competences in climate leadership.
  • To experiment with a replicable methodology for the co-design of pathways to achieve climate neutrality and improve the climate footprint in the development cooperation sector.
  • To create a professional profile for development cooperation staff able to introduce, implement and follow carbon neutrality strategies in their organisation.

01/11/2021 – 01/07/2024
Website: www.emissionimpossible.net
Contatti: Sabina NicolellaAlberta Congeduti
Area:  Capacity building and training for sustainability
Keywords: carbon neutrality, climate action, cooperation, climate leadership

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