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28 July 2022

The online course is free and offers to development, cooperation and humanitarian aid sector professionals, volunteers students and teachers a 25 hours long training course, which can be certified with ECTS credits.

Created by professionals of the development and cooperation sector with experts on environmental and climate accounting, the MOOC was designed to be attended in a flexible and compatible way with professional and study activities of participants.

Available in English, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese, the course seeks to provide a vision, as well as essential knowledge, methodological and techical tools, to orient a transformative process aimed at reducing emissions in the sector and promoting positive climate actions.

Divided into 6 hours of short video lectures and 19 hours of further study materials and tests, the course’s goal is to develop competences in 4 key thematic clusters:

  • Climate change basics: climate science and international governance

  • The human dimension of climate change: liabilities, climate justice and human rights

  • Organisations’ actions to curb emissions and to improve their climate action

  • Engage others in change: getting donors, partners, local communities and decision makers on board


See the full programme here.

Are you interested? You can pre-register by filling this form.

The start of the course is scheduled to start in mid- October, 2022.


Procura+ Awards 2022: meet the shortlisted candidates

Procura+ Awards 2022: meet the shortlisted candidates

The shortlisted candidates for the 2022 Procura+ Awards have been selected in all four categories: Circular Procurement of the Year, Innovation Procurement of the Year, Procurement Initiative of the Year and Sustainable Procurement of the Year.

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